Grow a Heart for the Fatherless in your Kids

Beyond Orphan Sunday…

Help student groups get involved through the Heartwork Campaign

Explore the Alliance Resource Library for good children’s books:

Check out Alliance Member Stand 4 Kids’ Red Card Kids

CLICK HERE to Download and WatchZambia’s Gift to the World.”  In 33 unforgettable minutes, Zambia’s Gift to the World weaves the unlikely story of how Orphan Sunday began in a humble, hard-pressed church in Lusaka, Zambia…and today is impacting lives around the globe.

Compelling movies to watch and discuss:

  • Emmanuel’s Gift, 2006 (Rated: G)
  • War Dance, 2008 (Rated: PG—13, some very intense scenes)
  • Beat the Drum, 2007 (Not Rated)
  • The Gladys Aylward Story, 2008 (Animated, Rated: G)