Foster Care Awareness

Foster Care Awareness

1.  Organization Name: Bethany Christian Services

Partnership Model: Foster Care Support in the U.S. and Across the World

What the Local Host Does:  Present information materials on Bethany’s foster care programs both in the U.S. and around the world and call individuals to “action” to help the programs financially or through other means of support.

What the Organizational Partner Does:  Bethany is involved in a wide array of foster care programs worldwide. We will provide local hosts with material that highlights our programs and what families can do to be involved.

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2.  OrganizationOlive Crest

Partnership Model: “Launching With Hope”

Description:  Over 25,000 foster youth emancipate every year nationwide. Olive Crest recognizes the need to serve and assist these young adults who are exiting the foster care system. Without family or support, 65% of emancipated youth become homeless within the first 18 months of emancipation. With statistics like this, they are often referred to as the foster system’s “true orphans”.

“Launching with Hope” gives your church family an opportunity to be present for emancipating youth during their uncertain transitions. By collecting gift cards, your state’s emancipating youth program(s) will be able to meet the overwhelming needs of these young citizens. Will you consider standing in the gap between “system and society” as they move from a life of dependence to a full life of independence?

What Local Host Does: Dedicate a church service and/or host an activity/event to collect gift cards for emancipating youth in your state.

General needs of emancipating youth include, but are not limited to:
Housing, groceries, household items/appliances, clothing for job interviews, public transportation passes, pre-paid phone cards, and text books

National stores: Target, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Sears, Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Smiths, and Vons.

Contact local services for Public Transportation passes/cards.

What Organizational Partner Does: Prior to your church’s service or activity/event, Olive Crest will send you:
1) Statistics on emancipating youth and an emancipating youth story
2) A PowerPoint slide with emancipating youth information and statistics
3) A sample bulletin insert with emancipating youth facts (if requested, the file will be emailed to
your church for printing)
4) Suggestions of what your church can do to serve emancipating youth – custom designed for your
5) A “Project Independence” brochure and DVD

If you are a church in CA, you will also receive an envelope and form to mail with the gift cards to Olive Crest.

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3.  Organization:  Lifesong for Orphans

Partnership Model: Host a local Foster Care Panel

Description: Use Orphan Sunday to teach and encourage your church of the needs in your local Foster Care System.

What Local Host Does:

  • Highlight what orphan care looks like in America through a Foster Care panel and watch a video like this (
  • Invite local Foster Care parents, Foster Care case workers, or adults who were foster care children to share their stories and insights into how your church can serve the Foster Care community.
  • Use foster care prayer cards provided by Lifesong to distribute to attendees.
  • Check out to see if you can display a gallery of children in your community

What Organizational Partner Does:

Lifesong will provide you with foster care prayer cards as well as ‘call to action’ points of how your church can pray and be involved in your local community. We will connect you to our partner organization “The Forgotten Initiative” to give you practical ways you can serve your foster care community.
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4.  Organization: WinShape Homes

Partnership Model: “Giving Local Orphans a Chance”

Organization Description:  WinShape Homes began in the 1980’s as Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-Fil-A, felt called to meet some of the unique needs of foster children in the Greater Atlanta area.  Mr. Cathy bought a home, hired full-time house parents and created an environment where children who needed a long-term home and could thrive in a normal family setting could do just that.  Now, thanks to the Cathy Family and Chick-Fil-A, WinShape Homes is able to provide comprehensively for many foster children in communities throughout the southeast.

Partnership Description:  “Giving Local Orphans a Chance” is an opportunity for WinShape Homes to spend time with those involved in orphan care initiatives in your church.  We would like to encourage you as you invest in your community and we hope to ultimately offer our help to increase the opportunity that local orphans, and potential orphans, have to be given the family and home that many of them need.

What Local Host Does:  Invite a WinShape Homes staff member to spend time with your team, committee, etc., that is dedicated to orphan initiatives in your church/organization.

What Organizational Partner Does:  A WinShape Homes staff member or team will come to your church and provide a meal (Chick-Fil-A) as an opportunity to sit across the table from you.  We want to do this as a way to cross-pollinate efforts, on behalf of children and families that we both seek to serve.  Our hope is that through our potential joint efforts, more children and families in need can be ministered to and more orphans, and potential orphans, can have a family.

*This is specifically an opportunity for churches/organizations within the regions that WinShape Homes serves (Southeast U.S.), but we would still love to hear from others if you would like to connect.

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