Proposal for Orphan Sunday

There are currently 163 million orphans globally, 120 thousand in the United States, and 250 in Georgia (enter the number in your state) waiting for adoption. As these numbers demonstrate, there is an invisible yet terrifyingly real Orphan Nation in the world today; in fact, only six countries have populations greater than the global orphan count. Even more worrying is the deadly link between HIV/AIDS and orphans – those infected with HIV often leave behind orphans, and the orphans today have a high probability of becoming HIV cases tomorrow, threatening to double the HIV/AIDS count from the current 30 million to a staggering 60 million. However, where the world sees impossible numbers, God sees each beloved son and daughter crying out for a family.

Jesus himself took up the cause of the orphan in John 14:18, “I will not abandon you as orphans”, and God calls himself the “father of the fatherless”, a God who “places the orphans in families” in Psalm 68:5-6. God’s heart is obviously after the orphan, but not just the literal orphans, but all of us with an orphaned spirit. Essentially, God is longing to adopt the orphan in you, the orphan in me, and the orphan in them. This clearly lines up with Anywhere’ mission statement: introducing Christ (the orphan in you), pursuing maturity (the orphan in me) and impacting nations (the orphan in them).

Anywhere Church (enter the name of your church) already has a very personal bond with the Orphan Nation, as almost 20% (enter your percentage if known) of our congregation is adopted, and supports orphan ministries all over the world, including Eastern Europe, South Africa, Rwanda, and Peru. God has obviously placed a blessing on Anywhere Church (enter the name of your church) to reach out to those in need of families, and the month of November (National Adoption Month) is the perfect chance for us to avoid complacency in this call, an opportunity to inform, motivate, and equip the church for service, ultimately expanding God’s kingdom and bringing Him glory. As stated above, there are 250 children in Georgia waiting to be placed in families, yet there are thousands of churches in Georgia deaf to their calls and blind to their faces. The purpose of this Sunday and the entire month is to unclog the ears and open the eyes, if not of all the churches in Georgia (enter your state), then at least of our own congregation.

I would like to propose that Anywhere Church (enter the name of your church) set aside the month of November to follow God’s call to serve the orphan. The following practical ideas could make this time not only important in raising awareness but also make it an effective time in God’s kingdom:

(List your plan for Orphan Sunday in your church, below is an example)

  • The first Sunday in November, launch the Adoption and Orphan Monthwith a sermon dealing with orphans, a corresponding teaching in Riverzone, and a orphan-themed prayer meeting before the service
  • For the entire month of November, have a slide show before and after the service featuring the 250 adoptable children in GA
  • A percent of the offering each Sunday will go towards a reliable church-based ministry that deals with orphan care in one of the countries where God has already called us to minister – an option would be to send the funds to Misha and Galya’s church to support their already existing orphan ministry
  • Each Sunday someone from our congregation who has been affected by adoption gives a short testimony
  • During this month the media team will create some kind of display about orphans that will be up in the sanctuary/lobby area
  • Artists/musicians/writers in our congregation will create pieces of art that will go up in the sanctuary that relate to adoption