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“You Will Be Found:  Glimpses of Orphan Sunday in Ukraine”

Orphan Sunday began in a hard-pressed church in Zambia. From small beginnings, Orphan Sunday spread to America, and then echoed back across the seas. This year, Orphan Sunday will be celebrated in more than 50 countries. It has been especially vibrant in Ukraine, where Orphan Sunday has been one part of a great rising of local Christians to care for orphans. Last year, thousands of churches across Ukraine celebrated Orphan Sunday, including many of the majority Orthodox and Catholic churches joining with Protestants to spotlight God’s special love for orphans. This video gives Christians worldwide a glimpse into Orphan Sunday in the Ukrainian church, and how hearts are moving in that nation. We also enjoy greetings from other nations that have embraced Orphan Sunday. Join us now, as we travel to the capital city of Kiev, and the fertile, rolling hills of Slavyansk, Ukraine…

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