Church to Church

1.  Organization:  Hope Unlimited for Children

Partnership Model: The Power of Prayer: 30 Days of Prayer for Hope 

What the Local Host Does:  Churches (Bible study groups, families, etc.) commit to pray for orphans in Brazil for the 30 days leading up to Orphan Sunday. You will use the free devotional guide to learn about children at mortal risk and how you can make a difference in their lives

Your congregation is encouraged to unite with one voice for one purpose: to see children’s lives transformed. The specifics of how you do that is up to each individual group.

What the Organizational Partner Does:  Information is available (at no charge) to help you share stories of Hope Unlimited’s 22 years of being God’s hands in the transformation of children at mortal risk. Some of the items we will provide upon request:

* 30 Days of Prayer for Hope Devotional Guide (available printed/.pdf for your own printing, or daily email)

* Orphan Sunday bulletin inserts

* Speaker: sermon, brief overview of ministry, etc. (tailored to specific group’s needs)

* Videos

* Thrive Team child sponsorship brochures (100% of monthly gift goes to support the children)

* MANY MORE resources available at the website listed below.

Contact for More Information:

  • Name  Susan Nowell
  • Email  [email protected]
  • Web site

2.  Organization:  Forgotten Voices

Partnership Model: Individualized Church to Church Partnerships (Church-wide Engagement)

Description: Forgotten Voices International is Innovating Orphan Care through the local church. Our program offers you a direct partnership with a church in southern Africa that is leading the way in community-based orphan care. Together, you’ll come alongside vulnerable children by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those orphaned by AIDS. Through prayer and financial support of a church partner’s orphan care ministry, your church can play a vital role in encouraging African church leaders, as well as raising awareness in your local community about the realities of orphaned children in our world. This is an amazing opportunity for the Global Church to come together to provide care for vulnerable children and mutually support, encourage and disciple one another!

What Local Host Does:  Your Orphan Sunday event can be designed to launch an ongoing partnership with a church in southern Africa or as a one-time partnership event.

  • Contact Forgotten Voices to initiate your partnership with one of our church partners in southern Africa. Email [email protected] or call 717 506 3144.
  • Show your congregation a 5-minute video highlighting the work of Forgotten Voices International. The video will both raise awareness of the needs and convey a message of hope for children orphaned by AIDS in southern Africa  (
  • Following the video, use the materials provided to introduce your church partner in southern Africa. Read a first-hand account of an orphaned child or caregiver assisted by this church to understand the powerful role of their partnership with Forgotten Voices International.
  • Use the materials provided to lead your congregation in a Forgotten Voices Orphan Sunday Pray Exercise focused on praying for the pastor, church volunteers, caregivers and orphaned children in your partnership church.
  • Fundraise for your designated Church Partner in one or more of the following ways:
    • Collect an offering on Orphan Sunday for your church partner’s orphan care ministry
    • Promote an online donation opportunity for your church partner’s orphan care ministry from the pulpit and in the church bulletin.
    • Organize a church-wide fundraiser, proceeds benefitting your church partner
  • Optional: Invite a speaker from Forgotten Voices International to introduce your congregation to the organization or share a brief message or sermon on orphan care.
  • Distribute Forgotten Voices International brochures and collect contact information from individuals or groups who wish to become further involved.

What Organizational Partner Does:

  • Assist you in arranging a partnership with one of our church partners in southern Africa tailored to your desire for either an ongoing or one-time involvement level.
  • Provide the following resources referenced above:
    • Profile of your individualized church partner
    • Profile of a child or caregiver assisted by your church partner
    • Experiential Prayer Exercise
    • Event-specific online donation link (if desired)
    • Forgotten Voices International brochures
  • Assistance with designing a fundraising event
  • Subject to availability, provide a speaker for your event
  • Continued support and assistance for on-going church to church partnerships

Contact for Further Information:

3.  Organization: World Orphans

Partnership Model: Church to Church Partnerships

Description: World Orphans is committed to rescuing millions of orphaned and abandoned children, the strengthening of thousands of indigenous churches, and the impacting of hundreds of communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ…through the cost-effective empowerment of church-based orphan prevention, rescue, care and transition programs in the least reached areas of the world. Learn how western churches are partnering with indigenous churches to care for the least of the least.

What Local Host Does: Show video, hand out WO provided literature, and obtain contact information for those wanting to get involved or know more. View video here

What Organizational Partner Does: Will ship requested materials to the host free of charge and will follow-up with individuals and churches wishing to be involved.

Contact for Further Information: